Bihar News: A case of bank robbery has come to light in Arrah, Bihar and the police has now started investigation. SP Pramod Kumar and commandos wearing flak jackets were preparing to go inside with weapons. The crowd waited to see what would happen to the criminal. This will now be revealed through CCTV footage (CCTV footage of Ara bank robbery).

Jagran correspondent, Alha. Bihar News: That day at 11:35, a huge crowd gathered near Jai Bajrang Chowk on Pakdi Road and all eyes were on Axis Bank. There is a bank on the first floor of the building and Domino’s Pizza downstairs. The police were in a live shootout situation from the adjacent staircase to the adjacent rooftop.

SP Pramod Kumar himself took charge along with commandos wearing flak jackets. The crowd was eagerly waiting for the criminals to come out and for the police to take them to their final destination.

This continued for about 15 to 20 minutes. When the SP entered the bank and took up his position, he found that the criminal had left and the person whom the police had assumed to be the criminal during the last one and a half hour in the bank, turned out to be a bank employee.

This incident is based on the lines of the popular web series Money Heist.

He carried out the entire incident on the lines of Netflix’s popular web series Money Heist, entangled the police and criminals after the incident, while himself escaped safely from there. The web series is based on a bank robbery in Madrid, Spain. Even in the web series, criminals create a confusing situation for the police by taking positions outside the bank.

The Axis Bank robbery started at 10.15 am when only one customer reached the bank with Rs 3 lakh. At the same time the criminals came to the bank counter to inquire about opening an account.

Just two minutes later, they walked into the bank with her and left less than four minutes after committing the crime. According to the crime sequence, the criminals suspected that the customers who had left after depositing money were bank employees, so they obtained the keys, but left without taking the Rs 37 lakh kept in the cupboard.

The gangster closed the door from outside, as if no one had come out yet. Meanwhile, word spread that the bank had been robbed and the criminals were still inside. At 10.30 the police of the city police station arrived and one after another the police officers arrived.

Criminals first enter the bank on the pretext of opening an account and then pretend to be customers for investigation.

Ara Bank Robbery: Before carrying out the bank robbery on Wednesday, the criminals had conducted a recce of Axis Bank located at Katira Mod-Circuit House Road in Nawada police station area. Earlier he had entered the bank on the pretext of opening an account. After this the crime was committed.

SP Pramod Kumar told reporters that first two boys entered the bank in the name of opening an account and told the lady cashier that they wanted to open an account. As soon as the bank staff told them what documents were needed, three more criminals entered the bank from outside. After this, all the bank employees were locked in a room at gunpoint. After this they started looting at gunpoint.

Criminals are wearing sweaters, jackets and hats

Police have received CCTV footage, which shows the involvement of armed robbers in the Axis Bank located on Circuit House Road, Katela in Nawada police station area. In the CCTV footage, two criminals are seen entering the bank first.

Later three miscreants entered again. One of the criminals was wearing a black sweater and a cap, while the other was wearing a white jacket, monkey cap and glasses. Except one, all the criminals were not wearing masks. The face is clearly visible. Police is trying to identify them on the basis of video and CCTV footage.

The gangster also kept a bag with him to keep the stolen money.

Bank robbers are well prepared. He also took a bag with him to keep the stolen money. They put all the cash snatched from the galley in the bag and ran away. Police also detected this from CCTV footage.

Criminals broke the CCTV cameras installed outside the bank

While fleeing after the robbery, the criminals broke the CCTV camera installed at the entrance of the bank. However, by this time the photographs of the criminals involved in the incident had been captured on camera. Based on this information the police is trying to identify them. Many cameras are installed from inside to outside the bank. Every action of the criminal is recorded.

The criminals who committed the robbery spoke Hindi and suspicion is also going towards an outside gang.

Bank robbers are talking in Hindi. The age of all the criminals was between 18 and 20 years. The suspects also drew attention from criminal elements of outside gangs due to their stature and talkativeness. These will also be matched with faces of past criminals from external historical records. So that they can be tagged. STF inspector and Patna inspector have also arrived for cooperation.

People put pressure on the police regarding the encounter

Ramji Prasad of Mullabagh, who was watching the incident amidst the crowd on the road in front of the bank, told his colleagues that the police should encounter the criminals, only then they will feel scared. However, after a while, they learned that the culprit had left the bank, much to their dismay.

The same is true for the entire population. The surprising thing is that on this road there are showrooms of many vehicles and brands including State Bank of India, Punjab National Bank, HDFC. There is no permanent police presence there even during daytime commercial activities.

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