After the defeat of Congress in three states, JDU leaders started chanting the name of Nitish Kumar. The JDU leader said that the Indian Union should contest the Lok Sabha elections in the name of Nitish Kumar only. Many leaders have also publicly criticized Congress. Now JDU’s National General Secretary has blamed Congress for the failure.

Communication Assistant, Dumraon (Buxar). Bharatiya Sangh has questioned the actions of the Congress Party in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan. On one hand the leaders of Bharatiya Sangh were looking for their victory in the defeat of Congress and on the other hand some leaders started looking towards Congress also. JDU leaders also expressed their views publicly.

JDU national general secretary and former Bihar minister Shri Bhagwan Singh Kushwaha said that BJP has definitely got more seats in three states but Congress has got more votes. If the leaders of the Indian Union had contested elections in these three states, the situation today would have been different.

Shri Bhagwan Singh Kushwaha on Friday came to meet the family members of Raghunathpur party worker Rameshwar Singh who were mourning his death. After this he attended a press conference organized at the residence of a party member on Safakana Road in the local town.

Nitesh Kumar’s face promises it!

He advised Congress leader Rahul Gandhi to learn a lesson from the election results of three states and contest the upcoming Lok Sabha elections under the leadership of impeccable leader Nitish Kumar to oust Nasdaq from power.

Shrikant Kushwaha, Birendra Singh Kushwaha, Khushi Chand, Prashant Kushwaha, Lalan Kushwaha, Ashok Singh, Ravindra Singh, Nandlal Kumar and Radheshyam Rai were present on the occasion.

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