Twinkle Khanna was a famous actress of the 1990s. However, even today she is so sexy and beautiful that many Bollywood actresses pale in comparison to her. For some reason, Kalk Khanna has distanced himself from the film but he has always remained in the timeline. She has created a unique identity for herself as a writer.

Even at the age of 46, Twinkle Khanna still looks very sexy and attractive. Twinkle’s style is so effective that people feel happy on seeing her. Despite her absence, Twinkle Khanna still keeps in touch with her fans through social media. She has been following others on social media for a long time. Twinkle is quite famous on social media for her outspoken style. She never shied away from participating in political or social discussions, so she was always a part of the discussion.

Twinkle is very active on Instagram and keeps sharing hot and sexy pictures on Instagram every day. Twinkle’s post was greatly appreciated by her fans. You will also be surprised to see his stunning style. She looks very beautiful even at the age of 46

Although Twinkle no longer appears in the film, her initial performance still received a positive response at the box office. These films are very popular. Twinkle started her film career with the 1995 film Barsaat. Apart from running, Twinkle has also worked in many films.

Twinkle Khanna is quite popular these days and her videos are going viral on many platforms. The video was posted from a YouTube account named @TheCineDaddy. The interior of the suit is visible in the video. People share this video often. Till now this video has been viewed more than one lakh times and thousands of people have liked it.

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