This time, apart from TV stars, some YouTubers are also participating as contestants in Bigg Boss 17. These include Anurag Doval, famous for UK 07 and Babu Bhaiya. He had recently accused his boss of being biased and now he has also had to face reprimand.

Entertainment Station, New Delhi. YouTuber Anurag Doval seems insecure about the Bigg Boss TV star. Recently he also expressed his feelings in front of other social media stars. Anurag Doval had talked about giving more importance to other television personalities including Ankita Lokhande in the show. Now the boss scolded him for this and scolded him a lot.

the boss has lost his mind

In the recent episode of Bigg Boss 17, Bigg Boss asked all the contestants to go to their respective rooms but stopped Anurag Doval. In his own style, Bigg Boss condemned Anurag for being biased towards YouTubers. Bigg Boss shows Anurag Doval’s one-week journey in the show. He said that apart from participating in domestic conversations and confusing others, he has not done anything in Bigg Boss till now.

accused of ruining someone else’s game

This week, Bigg Boss criticized Anurag for giving importance to TV stars and raising the issue of excluding YouTubers. He also scolded Doval for ruining the game of other contestants with his comments.

Anurag is not allowed to speak

During the entire conversation the boss did not give Babu Bahiya a chance to speak. However, he asked his other roommates if he was right. Bigg Boss said, “You don’t have the courage to stop pretending to be morally right and tell people that you support TV stars and you are doing the wrong thing.”

Why is Anurag blaming Bigg Boss?

Kangana Ranaut recently reached Bigg Boss 17 to promote her film Tejas. During this, he called Ankita Lokhande his favorite contestant and described her as a strong contestant of the show. After this Anurag Doval accused Bigg Boss 17 of being unfair and biased.