‘Fukrey 3’ Box Office Collection Day 21 ‘Fukrey’ is a superhit film series. Fukrey 3, full of comedy and humor, will be released in 2023. The film took a good start at the box office. Now “Fukri 3” has completed its three-week tour in theatres.

Entertainment Station, New Delhi. “Fokre 3” has completed its three weeks at the box office. Upon release, the film was a hit at the box office and crossed the Rs 50 crore mark within a few days. Meanwhile, it is now close to Rs 100 crore.

Fukrey 3 is a superhit movie series. The film is full of comedy and humor and has received good response from the audience. However, the film’s collections have now started declining. Let’s see how many notes were printed by Focre in three weeks and see how many ups and downs there were…

How about the initial series?

“Fukri 3” grossed Rs 882 crore at the box office after its release. Since then, the film has earned over Rs 43 crore at the box office in just four days, which was the biggest total for a film in its opening weekend. If we look at the weekly business report of Fokre 3, the film earned a net revenue of Rs 6,602 crore in its first week. After this, the film earned Rs 81 crore 29 lakh in the second week. Now the third week collection of films has arrived.

How much business did you do in three weeks?

Talking about the latest “Fokre 3”, the revenue of the film has dropped from lakhs of rupees to hundreds of thousands of rupees in the last few days. The film collected Rs 70 lakh on Monday and Rs 60 lakh on Tuesday. As per preliminary data, the collection remained unchanged on Wednesday also. According to Sacnilk report, on October 18, the revenue of Fukrey 3 was around Rs 60 lakh. So far, within three weeks, ‘Fokre 3’ has collected around Rs 927.3 crore at the domestic box office.

  • 1 day- Rs 882 crore
  • 2 days- Rs 781 crore
  • 3 days- Rs 116.7 crore
  • 4 days- Rs 15.18 crore
  • 5 days- Rs 11.69 crore
  • 6 days- Rs 411 crore
  • 7 days- Rs 36.2 crore
  • 8 days- Rs 3.12 crore
  • 9 days- Rs 231 crore
  • 10 days- Rs 402 crore
  • 11 days- Rs 411 crore
  • 12 days- Rs 141 crore
  • 13 days- Rs 130 crore
  • 14 days- Rs 114 crore
  • 15 days- Rs 152.7 crore
  • 16 days- Rs 510 crore
  • 17 days- Rs 204 crore
  • 18 days- Rs 240 crore
  • 19 days- Rs 0.75 crore
  • 20 days- Rs 0.6 crore
  • 21 days – Rs 0.6 crore (early trend)

Lifetime collection – Rs 927.3 crore