Happy Birthday Prabhas: Prabhas is now a big star of South and Hindi film industry. The film Bahubali played an important role in this and it gave him recognition all over the world. But before this film, Prabhas also had to face some problems. His birthday is 23 October. This time we will know something about him.

Entertainment Station, New Delhi. Happy Birthday Prabhas: Pan-India actor Prabhas has captured the hearts of millions of girls with his resonant voice, curvy figure and dashing gait. His career got a new boost from the film Baahubali, which he always expected. This film made him famous all over the country and made millions of girls crazy about him.

Prabhas will celebrate his 44th birthday on 23rd October. On this special occasion, we will tell you some things about him which very few people know.

Interested in this career, not in acting

Prabhas’s father is film producer Uppalapati Surya Narayana Raju. He is the youngest among three siblings. Famous South actor Krishnam Raju is Prabhas’s uncle. Most of the actors in films with family background are inclined towards this line from the beginning. But in Prabhas’ case the opposite was true.

Despite coming from a rich film family, Prabhas had no interest in acting. He wanted to work in the hospitality industry. But leaving this dream, Prabhas finally chose the path of acting. The reason behind this is interesting.

How did Prabhas become an actor?

Actually, Prabhas’s uncle is doing a film. The character of the hero that has been created is similar to Prabhas. In such a situation, his uncle convinced Prabhas to become an actor and his career in acting started.

Made a film but still faced financial crisis

In 2000, Prabhas acted in the film “Ishwar”. It is said that this was his debut film in the South Indian film industry. The film did not get much response and from here his real struggle began. Varsham was released in 2004 and after that her career started to take off a bit.

Prabhas has worked in many films during his career like ‘Ek Niranjan’, ‘Munna’, ‘Yogi’, but he got his real recognition from the film ‘Baahubali’. This film took his career to its peak. To make a place in Baahubali, Prabhas did not sign any other film for five years. In such a situation, he also had to face financial crisis, but the success of the film ended all the problems. After this “Bahubali 2” took the actor’s star status two steps further.

Two or three failures for one hit

There are ups and downs in the life of every actor, but there are tragedies in the name of assault in Prabhas’s life. After one hit film, two or three of his films flop. After the success of Varsham, Adivi, Ramodu and Chakram were released one after the other. All three performed poorly at the box office.

After this, SS Rajamouli’s ‘Chhatrapati’ was released. It had a good record at the box office, but later releases “Yogi” and “Bujjigadu” failed at the box office.

Prabhas is ‘dear’ to the people

In South films, every actor is given a nickname. Prabhas is fondly called dear. He is best known for starring in the 2010 romantic film Honey.

6000 relationships rejected

Apart from the film Bahubali, there is an interesting story related to Prabhas. On the one hand, this film made him a pan-Indian star and on the other hand, it helped Indian films gain recognition at the global box office. Prabhas is known not only in the country but also abroad.

According to reports, after this film, she received many marriage proposals, but Prabhas rejected them. Prabhas is said to have rejected around 6,000 offers.