Bigg Boss leaves no stone unturned in making his show entertaining. Now in the second week of nomination, he did something that ruined all the plans of the contestants of Dil Dimaag Aur Dum Ghar.

Entertainment Station, New Delhi. It’s been two weeks since Bigg Boss 17 started airing. There are 17 contestants in the new season, but no one has been eliminated yet. Now, there is the second nomination of the show, which has ruined all the plans of the contestants living in the Dil, Dimaag and Dum houses.

Before the elimination, Bigg Boss swapped the rooms of some contestants. Manara Chopra was taken away from the house of the heart and sent to the house of the brain. Munawar Faruqui and Khanzadi also joined them. While Sana Raees Khan, Arun Mashetti and Anurag Doval were sent to Dum Ghar.

coordination between breathing and thoughts

After so much shuffling, the boss called Madig’s roommates to the archives room and showed them the entire nomination process. Bigg Boss asked Dum Ghar to nominate 8 contestants as per their choice. Dum Ghar co-nominated Munawar Faruqui, Rinku Dhawan, Navid Sule, Khanzadi, Neil Bhatt, Aishwarya Sharma, Isha Malviya and Abhishek Kumar. However, Dooms does not know that the Mind is watching him.

Munawwar sees the reality of his friends

Bigg Boss called Ankita Lokhande to the treatment room and gave her a board with photographs of the eight nominated contestants. Dilgar must save one of them. Vicky Jain says that he should save his family. In this way he protected Abhishek Kumar and Isha Malviya.

Mindset changes the whole game.

Munawar Faruqui was shocked to see all this and his close friends Vicky Kaushal and Ankita Lokhande did not save him. 6 contestants were nominated after 2 contestants withdrew their names. Bigg Boss asked Dimaag Ghar to resubmit the names of three contestants. After this Rinku Dhawan, Navid Sule and Munawar Faruqui were saved. Meanwhile, Tehelka, Sonia Bansal and Sana Raees Khan have also made it to the nomination list.

Who was nominated?

Bigg Boss has also given the responsibility of announcing the names of 6 nominated contestants to Munawar Faruqui in a Mushaira style. Announcing the final nominees for the contestants, the comedian named Neil Bhatt, Aishwarya Sharma, Tehelka, Sonia Bansal, Sana Raees Khan and Khan Zaidi.