After working her magic in Bigg Boss 17, Priyanka Chopra’s cousin Manara is quite popular on social media. People liked his way of talking and his sweetness. Manala made headlines for her game plan. Meanwhile, a video went viral in which Priyanka had to save her sister.

Entertainment Station, New Delhi. It’s been a week since the premiere of Bigg Boss 17. Each contestant’s personality is gradually revealed over the course of the show. Manala Chopra is also a part of ‘Bigg Boss 17’. Some people like him and some do not like his way of talking.

Munawar is very close to Faruqui in Manara. He also had differences with Ankita. Fans like the bubbly and fun side of the actress. On one hand, Manara is in the headlines because of who she is, while on the other hand, old videos of her have exposed her.

Manala defeated the supporting cast

The past history of the actress came to light through Bigg Boss 17. In 2014, Manala had created so much controversy that she attacked her co-star Shraddha Das in a very dirty manner. This story is from his first novel Zid. Speaking to Bollywood Life, Shraddha Das said that Manara was well behaved before the shooting, but as soon as the cameras started rolling, she became quite aggressive. He had beaten Shraddha Das fiercely in an action scene.

Priyanka said this for her sister’s safety

When Manala was asked about the incident that happened at a party of the film Zeed, Priyanka defended her. The throwback video of the actress is going viral. In this video, Manala was asked about this behavior with Shraddha, to which Priyanka replied. She said that she also got injured several times on the sets.

He once said that such risks exist in the lives of actors. Priyanka supports her family a lot. He also wished Manara all the best for Bigg Boss 17.

Manala is not her real name

Let us tell you, Manara’s real name is “Barbie Handa”. After entering the film industry, she changed her name to Manala.