Waheeda Rehman, the great actress of Hindi film industry, Waheeda Rehman has been honored with ‘Dada Saheb Phalke Award’. Waheeda has been in the industry for a long time and has proved her worth. Recently the actress revealed that after the shooting of the film ‘Guide’, a director became very angry with her. The actress had then also demanded his removal from the film.

 Entertainment Station, New Delhi. Dadasaheb Phalke Award winner Waheeda Rehman: Waheeda Rehman, famous for her excellent acting in Hindi films, was honored with the Dadasaheb Phalke Award today. In a recent interview, Waheeda recalled the period in her career when the director called the shooting of one of her best films, “Guide”, a “big mistake” for the actress. 

It was the 1960s and Waheeda Rehman signed two films of her career at the same time, in which her characters were complete opposites of each other. These films are Guide and Neel Kamal. In the Dev Anand starrer “Guide”, she played the role of a dancer who gets separated from her husband. In “Neel Kamal” directed by Ram Maheshwari, Waheeda plays a wife who never leaves her husband. 

When the director got angry after making the film “Guide”

Waheeda Rehman revealed in a recent interview that Ram did not want her to work in the film ‘Guide’. He even said that he should not have made this film otherwise it would have been ruined for him. Waheedaji Now told Durdarshan, “I was shooting for ‘Guide’ and Neel Kamal almost at the same time. When the director came to know that I was shooting for ‘Guide’, he said, ‘Wahidaji, you can kill me. You destroy me.”

Waheeda further expressed her views on this statement of the director. According to the actress, “I told him, ‘I don’t understand this.’ He said, ‘In my film you are called Sita and she loves her husband completely and in ‘Guide’ you are the character Rosie, she was a dancer and she had left her husband. So I went bankrupt.”

Director asked Waheeda Rehman to leave Bollywood

Waheeda Rehman further recalled how the director had asked her to leave the Hindi film industry and go to Bollywood. “He said, ‘You shouldn’t make these kinds of films because they don’t work in India. That’s how Hollywood works.’ If you like these kinds of films, work in Hollywood,” the actress said. ,

Waheeda Rehman heard the director saying that she may be removed from ‘Neel Kamal’ but she will definitely be in ‘Guide’. The director got furious after hearing this from Waheeda.