Hearing a PIL on the Moebius Suspension Bridge incident, the Gujarat High Court came down heavily on the company maintaining the bridge. The court also said that once compensation is given, it does not provide any help to the victim. He was scarred for life. The company should provide pension to the affected families.

PTI, Ahmedabad. The Gujarat High Court was hearing a PIL regarding the suspension bridge accident that occurred in Morbi on October 30, 2022. During this, the High Court strongly condemned the Orewa Group company responsible for the maintenance of Morbi Suspension Bridge and asked it to help the families of the victims.

What’s going on?

Let us tell you that on October 30, 2022, 135 people died due to the collapse of Morbi Suspension Bridge. According to the government, 10 women were widowed and seven children orphaned as a result of the accident.

A division bench of Chief Justice Sunil Aggarwal and Justice Aniruddha Mai was hearing the case on Friday. Chief Justice Aggarwal asked Orewa Group to provide employment opportunities to widows. They said,

The company claims to take care of orphans and widows. Meanwhile, the High Court wants to know what action the company is taking against the elderly people who have lost their young sons on whom they were dependent.

“Elderly people depend on their sons’ income.”

The court said that the elders were living on their sons’ earnings… what support did they have? Give them pension for life. The compensation given once will not help you. Please keep this in mind. This is a wound that will last a lifetime. Once compensation is given, it will not help them. The company will have to bear some recurring expenses.

The division bench also said that a trust fund should be set up to compensate the families of the victims as courts may not be able to monitor the process for many years.