An incident happened in Porbandar. A girl’s father was murdered during the Garba ceremony here. Let us tell you that the girl won two competitions but the organizers gave her only one prize and the accused lodged a complaint and killed the girl’s father after taking him from the house.

PTI, Porbandar. A surprising incident happened in Porbandar, Gujarat. An 11-year-old girl won two competitions at the Garba festival here, but won only one prize and the girl’s father (40) had a dispute with the Garba organizers over the protest. After this, the event organizers allegedly beat the girl’s father to death. Police informed about the incident on Wednesday.

Deputy Superintendent of Police Rutu Raba said the victim, Sarman Odedara, had allegedly gone to Krishna Park Society in Porbandar around 2 pm on Tuesday. Society) was attacked by seven people armed with sticks and other objects.

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Raba said that the police have arrested all the seven accused involved in the murder of Odedara. He said that the matter is being investigated further.

The accused include Raja Kuchadiya, Raju Keshwala, Ramde Bokhiriya, Prateek Gorania and their three associates.

According to the First Information Report (FIR), the accused had organized an event involving the traditional dance Garba on the occasion of Navratri, near a school near Krishna Park, where the Odedara family lives.

When the mothers protested, the organizers argued

In her complaint to the Porbandar Udio Nagar police, Odedara’s wife Malibeng said that when their 11-year-old daughter came home after playing Garba on Monday night, she complained to the organizers that she had won in two different competitions, but The organizers gave him only one award.

The FIR states that when Maliben complained about her daughter to the organisers, Keshavala apparently asked her to accept the decision and either accept the award or leave it.

Soon, Kuchadiya and Bokhiriya also reached the spot and allegedly started arguing with Maliben. They also threatened to kill him if he did not leave the spot.

According to the FIR, Kuchadiya and Keshwala’s wife also misbehaved with Maliben and asked her to leave from there. Later, Maliben and her daughter returned home at around 1 am.

The defendant took her from home at night

According to the Federal Intelligence Service, an hour later, while Malibon and her husband were sitting outside the house, the four main defendants and three of their accomplices arrived on motorcycles and began beating Onda with sticks and wooden boards.

Maliburn was also injured while trying to save her husband. After this, the accused took Odedara to the Garba ground on a bicycle and kept beating him until the police arrived. Odedara’s daughter gave this information to the police.

The FIR states that Odedara was taken to the hospital in a police vehicle but could not be saved.