The State Educational Achievement Survey (SEAS) will be conducted on November 3 to assess the language and mathematics knowledge level of students of classes 3, 6 and 9 in 60,500 council schools and secondary schools of Uttar Pradesh. All districts have been instructed to start preparations for conducting this survey at the block level.

Jaglan correspondent, sir. The Health Ministry is making continuous efforts to make cards of eligible beneficiaries regarding Ayushman Chirayu Scheme. Till now the department has achieved more than 60 per cent of the initial phase target, but about two lakh beneficiaries of the area are still deprived of the scheme and no efforts are being made to truly achieve the target.

Ayushman Bhava fair is also organized

Recently, the state government has increased the income limit to cover more than 8 lakh beneficiaries across the state under Ayushman benefits at a cost of Rs 1,500. After this, Ayushman Bhava rallies were also organized on a large scale as per the instructions of the Central Government, but the effect was not much. For this the department will have to work deeply at the grassroots level.

  • The total number of persons eligible for Ayushman Yojana in the district is – 5 lakh 17,000 289.
  • The department has so far registered 304116 people.
  • Still eligible to be selected under Ayushman Scheme – 1,07,6,243
  • Under the Chirayu scheme, now families with annual income ranging from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 3 lakh have also been included in the scheme.
  • Under Chirayu Scheme, 159 eligible candidates have been selected so far in the district – 2000

Several medical institutions have been identified

  • The total number of medical institutions confirmed to be receiving treatment in the region is 59.
  • Identify government medical facilities for treatment – 10
  • Private health facilities identified for treatment – 49

Till now thousands of people have benefited from the treatment of various diseases under the Ayushman scheme in Sirsa. According to the Health Bureau, so far about 50 thousand patients in the district have become healthy after receiving treatment under the medical scheme.

-Patients undergoing treatment under Ayushman scheme in Sirsa- 49,000 933

Amount paid by the state government for alternative treatment under the scheme – Rs 65 crore 13,624

Heart disease is also being treated

Under the Ayushman scheme, private and government institutions also provided free heart treatment to poor patients. In Sirsa alone, 1,185 patients have fully recovered after cardiac surgeries.

  • Till now, a total of 1,00,185 patients in Sirsa are eligible for the benefits of the heart disease scheme.
  • Cost borne by the government – ​​Rs 7 crore Rs 65 lakh Rs 55,000 Rs 793
  • Recently, the government has also provided treatment facilities in 21 primary health centers of the district.