Nowadays, the cost of studying in Canada has increased significantly for students. The Trudeau government changed the cost of living threshold. So now, in addition to one year’s tuition fees, students must show at least $20,635 in their account. Additionally, if their family members also come, they will have to pay an additional $4,000.

Agency (ANI), Chandigarh. The Trudeau government has given a big blow to the students studying in Canada. Students coming to Canada to study internationally will now need more funds in their account for accommodation and studies. Important changes have been made in these rules. Living and studying in Canada will now be expensive. To do this, students will now need at least $20,000 in addition to a year’s tuition.

To get a study visa in Canada, students currently need to show $10,000 (approximately Rs 6 lakh 14,000) in their account to cover initial living expenses. But starting in 2024, students will have to show at least $20,635 in their account in addition to a year’s tuition. If the student is bringing family members, an additional $4,000 must be submitted.

Of the 800,000 students, 320,000 are from India.

Of the approximately 800,000 international students currently studying in Canada, 320,000 are from India. About 70% of these students are from Punjab. Announcing the news on Thursday, Immigration Minister Mark Miller said: “We stand ready to take the necessary steps, including significant visa restrictions, until September 2024, to ensure designated education providers can provide adequate student support.”

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Government is committed to solving the housing crisis

Since then, the influx of international students has created a housing crisis. The minister said it was wrong to blame international students for the housing crisis. But inviting them to Canada without any support is also a mistake. This also includes how to keep a roof over their heads. So we want educational institutions to only accept students they can afford, provide housing or help find off-campus housing. Have the ability to do this.

Updates to three temporary policies

Additionally, Secretary Miller provided an update on three temporary policies impacting international students. This includes extending the 20-hour per week limit on off-campus work through April 30, 2024, and continuing accommodations, he said. The Government recognizes the important benefits that international students bring to Canada’s society, culture and economy and emphasizes the need to address the challenges that leave some students disadvantaged.

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