Koderma News: Serious irregularities have come to light before the elections. The committee is cautious about the elections. A clean and transparent voter list is being prepared. Meanwhile, Koderma Assembly has identified 21,774 voters with similar photos, names and addresses. PSE and DSE voters are being identified with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Communication Assistant, Codema. A clean and transparent voter list is being prepared for the upcoming elections. This time we are taking every step to complete the voter list and there is no scope for error. 21,774 voters with similar photographs, names and addresses have been identified in Koderma assembly.

Of these, 19,000 voters had the same photograph. Notification is being issued to everyone regarding better guidelines of the Election Commission. We are working on capturing photographs of these voters and making other improvements within 15 days. These voters were identified through photographs through an application prepared by the Election Commission.

Help from Artificial Intelligence

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, voters with PSE (Photo Similar Entries) and DSE (Demographic Similar Entries) can be identified. This has increased the possibility of improvement in the voter list. Earlier, due to errors in the voter list, voters had to face many problems while voting at the polling stations, but after these reforms, while the problems of the voters will be resolved, the voting percentage will also increase.

Employees from all the divisions have been deployed in divisional offices for photography and other improvements. A notice will be sent to all concerned voters through express post, asking them to lodge objections within 15 days to resolve the problem. Final verification will be done at BLO level.

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