Former national vice president of Bharatiya Janata Party and Chief Minister of Jharkhand, Raghuvar Das has been appointed the new Governor of Odisha. One thing has been proved by this that even an ordinary worker of PPP can reach the pinnacle of national politics. As soon as the news of his becoming Governor spread on Wednesday, there was a flood of congratulations. He says, I think this opportunity is the blessings of Lord Jagannath.

Jasan, Jamshedpur. Bharatiya Janata Party national vice president and outgoing Chief Minister of Jharkhand Raghuvar Das has been appointed the Governor of Odisha. The information spread like wildfire late on Wednesday night. Recently, Raghuwal had just returned to his residence in Agrikot after inaugurating the puja for AJSU leader Chandragupta Singh at Sidhgora Cinema when he received calls from a large number of people. He congratulated.

Will follow the orders of the organization: Raghuvar Das

There was a gathering of people outside the house also. In such a situation, he told Dainik Jagran, Jai Jagannath. We are warriors of the organization and whatever order we get, we will happily follow it. I consider it a blessing from God that I have got the opportunity to serve Lord Jagannath on earth.

Raghuvar becoming the Governor is considered to be a big change in BJP’s politics across the state including Iron City. The personality of Raghuvar Das is an example of the fact that even an ordinary BJP worker can reach the highest peak of national politics.

Started career as a stall worker

He started his career as a stall worker and thereafter not only served as the MLA of Jamshedpur East assembly constituency for five consecutive terms from 1995 to 2014, but also became the first non-tribal Chief Minister by winning a landslide victory in the last election. . Jharkhand. The vast majority.

When he became the Chief Minister, he ended the chaos of regionalist policies in the state and started recruitment. Even today, appointments are made against the cut-off date of 1985 set by Raghuvar Das.

2019 blew me away

Talking about city and state politics, Raghuwal has also been a minister and state president in the state. However, the 2019 election was a huge shock for him. Not only did he lose the election, but the Bharatiya Janata Party also finished second.

He has since become national vice president through the organization. Not only this, he was also responsible for forming the government in Uttar Pradesh along with Home Minister Amit Shah.

PM’s call came

Although the news of Raghuvar Das becoming the Governor came late at night, he received a call from Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the day.

According to sources, Prime Minister Modi called him in the afternoon and said that he has been given new responsibilities and will have to fulfill them. However, no one knew that new responsibilities would be announced so soon.