Sabina Parveen, the woman who was burnt to death in Bokaro, has died. However, before leaving this world, she gave a statement to the police, which led to the arrest of the defendant. The woman was murdered over a land dispute. The death of 40-year-old Anisha Parveen in a land dispute has shocked the entire Bokaro city.

Jaglan correspondent Bokaro. Anisha Parveen, 40, resident of Siwandih Dumro Border Street of Marafari police station area, was burnt in a land dispute and died during treatment. After the death of the woman, people created ruckus for some time in front of the house, accusing the management of negligence.

Four women including the mother of the deceased have been arrested

The police arrested four women and the deceased’s mother Jabeen here. Apart from Kalamchandra Manjhi’s wife Thakur Mani, who had instigated a fight with three other women, the police also arrested his two daughters Basanti Devi and Champa Devi. Apart from the deceased’s father Mohammad Hakim, the police have also started a criminal investigation against his brother and sister.

Congress and JMM leaders were at the spot to collect information after the death of Sabina Parveen, a woman from Dumro in Malafari police station area of ​​Bokara, in a land dispute.

A heartbreaking incident happened on Wednesday

The police have registered an FIR on the basis of the statement of the burnt woman. Police officer Jaleshwar Oraon took the statement of the burnt woman in the emergency room of BGH.

The woman told in her statement to the police that she lived at home with her two sons. Her husband Mumtaz Ali works outside the home. On Wednesday she left her two sons and went to the market.

The woman told that when she returned, she saw that her mother Jabeen, father Mohammad Hakim, brother and sister, Kama Manji, Kama’s wife Thakur Manji, daughter Basanti Devi and three-four unknown people had come to the door. Home..

After the death of Sabina Parveen, a woman from Dumro in Malafari police station area of ​​Bokara, in a land dispute, police officers are reaching the spot and taking information.

Such heavy punishment is being given for land dispute

She said that as soon as she entered the house and sat on the bed, everyone started insulting and pushing her and asked her to quickly leave the house. If this is not done then the goods will be thrown away.

Push it into the already existing trash fire and set it on fire. Due to this she got seriously burnt. When asked about the reason for the incident, the woman said that there was a dispute regarding her house and land. A woman’s thumbprint is imprinted on the Fardbayan. Police have started investigation at other places.

Police started investigation on several points

Police have registered a case on the statement of the burnt woman and started investigation. Meanwhile, the woman died during BGH treatment.

Apart from the mother of the deceased involved in the case, the police have also arrested Karma Manji’s wife and two daughters. Police are investigating at many places. Police are also searching for the second accused – Bokaro City DSP Kuldeep Kumar.

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