Makeup Tips: Sometimes suddenly a plan is made to go somewhere. If you were out somewhere, you would obviously not have been prepared for this sudden plan. Therefore the first thing that comes to our mind is our appearance. In such a situation, even if you have only lipstick and kajal in your purse, you can get ready quickly.

New Delhi, Lifestyle Desk. Makeup Tips: There are times when you have to get ready quickly. You are out of the house and suddenly planning to go somewhere. In this case, if you have no foundation, no eyeliner, no primer, no concealer, no blush, no highlighter?

Your emergency makeup kit is in your purse and consists only of kaji and lipstick. Some women keep talcum powder in their purse, but most do not keep more than that.

So let us know what to do in such a situation when there is nothing except kajal and lipstick in your wallet and suddenly you have to quickly do your makeup outside the house –

  • First of all, clean your face with a wet wipe. If wipes are not available, lightly wet a handkerchief and use it to clean your face.
  • If you have face powder then apply it on your face. If not, let your face dry completely.
  • Start by applying kajal on your eyes. Use this kajal for eyeliner also. Sharp wing lining can also be applied very neatly with a kajal pencil.
  • Shape your eyebrows with this mascara.
  • Now apply lipstick.
  • Apply lipstick on your fingers, close your eyes and apply it lightly on the eyelids.
  • Remember to apply evenly. At some places it cannot be less and at other places it cannot be more. If you have liquid lipstick, start by wiping it between two fingers. After this apply it on the eyes. This way you can finish applying lipstick and eyeshadow.
  • Similarly, apply light lipstick on your cheeks also. Remember, it should not be too thick. In such a situation, apply light blush on the cheeks with the help of lipstick.
  • If there is a dot then apply it. If it is not so, then apply lip balm instead. She can also apply dots with kajal.
  • All you need to do is and your complete makeup look (no makeup kit required) is ready in no time.