Nilesh Rane, son of BJP leader and Union minister Narayan Rane, said he will continue to work for the party. Let us tell you that yesterday i.e. on Tuesday he had announced his retirement from active politics. He also announced that he would not take part in any election. But now he has changed his mind.

Agency, Mumbai. Bharatiya Janata Party leader Nilesh Rane has changed his intention to leave politics. Nish Ren said on Wednesday that he will continue to work for the party. Earlier on Tuesday, he had announced his retirement from politics. Within 24 hours Nilesh Rane changed his mind.

A day after announcing his retirement from politics, the former MP said, “I will continue to work for the party in Sindhudurg and other parts of the coastal Konkan region.” Let us tell you that Nilesh Rane was talking to Deputy Chief Minister Devendra . This came after a long meeting between Fadnavis and Maharashtra minister Ravindra Chavan.

After the meeting, Ravindra Chavan said he discussed with Fadnavis for about two hours on various issues to resolve political differences. We also discussed this issue with Narayan Rane. “Our stand is that there should be no injustice to the common lower class workers working for the party,” Chavan said.

Apart from this, Chavan also asked Nish Rane not to leave active politics. He assured that no one will face any problem in contesting the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. Chavan said the party will now work with Nilesh Rane in Sindhudurg district and the entire Konkan region without any problem. However, Nilesh Rane, who was present with Chavan, did not comment on the matter.

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It is being told that Nilesh Rane has announced his retirement from politics as he was hurt by the alleged fight within the party and the alleged interference of the Sindhudug Chavan camp. Lane also announced that he would not run in any elections.

Let us tell you that Nilesh is the eldest son of former Chief Minister of Maharashtra and current Union Minister Narayan Rane. Nilesh’s brother Nitesh Rane is an MP from Kankarvalli seat in Maharashtra. Nilesh has said that he is no longer interested in running. He gets a lot of love in BJP. He had no interest in politics for any other reason.

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