Israeli Ambassador to India Naor Gilon strongly criticized Hamas. The ambassador said that after carrying out cowardly killings, torture and kidnapping of Israeli civilians, Hamas terrorists no longer dare to confront the IDF.

Aani, New Delhi. Israeli Ambassador to India Naor Gilon on Wednesday said that Hamas terrorists no longer have the courage to face the IDF after the cowardly killing, torture and kidnapping of unarmed Israeli civilians. What is happening now is that they are trying to create international pressure to stop us from taking action, but no one can stop us from ensuring that these killers cannot do the same in future.

Gilon said Ahli Hospital was hit by a rocket attack from the Palestinian Islamic Jihad group. They tried to kill our children but killed their own children on the way. The Hamas health ministry in Gaza once announced with great fanfare that Israeli forces had attacked a hospital in Gaza, killing 500 people. Meanwhile, the Israeli military said the explosion was caused by a Hamas rocket. His rocket malfunctioned and fell on a hospital in Gaza.

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Giron said it was regrettable that so many people around the world support Hamas. He said that Palestinian terrorists and their allies immediately produced victim cards. He said that our technology is very advanced in the world. We have clear evidence that it was a Palestinian Islamic Jihad rocket.

On the other hand, Israel’s deputy chief of mission in India Ohad Nakash Kainar on Wednesday accused Iran of orchestrating Hamas attacks on the Jewish state. Responding to a statement by Iranian Ambassador to India Iraj Elahi, he said Iran is making every possible effort to ensure the death of Israelis and Jews. He said that Iran was clearly behind the attack. It doesn’t have any message. On the other hand, Iran’s special envoy Ilaj Elahi denied any role of Iran in the Hamas attack and said that Hamas is an independent organization which is capable of carrying out this incident.

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