Belgium vs Sweden, Euro 2024: There is no dearth of sports managers in the world. Fans usually come to stadiums in large numbers to support their favorite sport. Be it cricket or football, every match creates a frenzy among the fans. A major incident occurred during the 2024 European football qualifiers. Therefore the game had to be canceled midway.

Belgium vs Sweden: The 2024 European Cup Qualifier is being played between Belgium vs Sweden at the King Baudouin Stadium in Belgium.

A large number of fans reached the stadium to watch the match. While a football match was being played in the stadium, a terrorist incident took place outside the stadium, in which two people died. Chaos broke out on Monday after two Swedish citizens were shot dead.

Match cancelled: Following the incident, UEFA canceled half-time of the Euro 2024 qualifying match between Belgium and Sweden. A large number of fans came to watch this game. But at that very moment there was firing and the game had to be cancelled. Two Swedes were also killed in the firing.

World Cup SA vs NED Live Streaming: Toss-up will happen in some time, know about the possible matches between the two teams-11. Fans scared of shooting: The shooting incident happened just a few kilometers away from the stadium. The news of death of two people from Sweden has come to light.

After the incident, there was chaos among the fans present in the stadium. Some fans got scared and some started trying to get out of there. But the security staff present at the spot advised the fans to stay inside the stadium. They had kept the fans gathered at one place. It is necessary for fans to do this for safety reasons.