After Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan reached Sitapur jail, Congress State President Ajay Rai came to meet him today. For this reason Azam refused to meet Ajay Rai. Azam said, if I get a chance to meet him for the third time, I will meet Aji. Let us tell you that according to the jail manual, only two meetings can take place in a period of two weeks.

Jasan, Sitapur. Congress President Ajay Rai, who came to meet former minister Azam Khan, who is serving jail in the fake birth certificate case, was surprised. According to sources, Azam Khan discussed meeting his family and supporters in two meetings held within two weeks.

Azam also said that if he gets a chance for a third meeting, he can meet the Congress President. It is noteworthy that on Wednesday, Azam’s son Adeeb, former MP Anoop Gupta and District President Chhatrapal Yadav had met. After this, there was talk of the arrival of the Congress President linking it to the strategy of attracting Muslims.

Only two meetings can be held in a period of two weeks

Jail Superintendent SK Singh said that according to the jail manual, only two meetings can take place in a fortnight. Here, depending on the wishes of the prisoners, they can be allowed to meet for two consecutive days, but former minister Azam Khan said that only his family and supporters will be allowed to meet him. He said that he would meet the AG or anyone else only when he had a third chance to meet.

A large number of MPs gathered near the jail

Seeing the arrival of the State President, a large number of MPs gathered near the jail. District President Utkarsh Awasthi said that further strategy will be decided on the instructions of the President of the country.