The video of a female police officer in Ghaziabad was recorded by secret cameras installed on the light bulb holders in her room and bathroom. During the police investigation, they also came to know that the woman’s private video was recorded on camera. Threatened to circulate her private video on online media claiming that he had given her Rs 1 lakh

Jagran correspondent, Ghaziabad. A policewoman living in a social rental flat on Hapur Road was recorded on video by placing secret cameras in the light bulb holders in her room and bathroom. In this case, Kavinagar police station has registered a report against three people including the woman’s husband and cousin.

There used to be disputes with her husband.

The officer had a dispute with her husband on some issues. The husband and his cousin allegedly conspired to murder the officer. In the report filed by a female policeman posted in Ghaziabad, she said that on October 13, she had taken two days leave and gone to Dehradun to bring her ailing mother home.

When the female police officer saw…

After this she came back on October 16. When she was resting in her room at night, she saw a red light burning on the light bulb holder and felt uneasy. When he saw the owner of the other room also shining, he informed the police. During the police investigation they discovered that there was a hidden camera installed in the bracket and a memory card was also inside.

A video recorded on the memory card was found

A Wi-Fi connection and a Jio SIM card were found on the bathroom ceiling. When the memory card was examined, it was revealed that her husband, cousin and an unknown person had come to her apartment in her absence and installed cameras there, which also recorded the woman’s private video. One lakh rupees and a gold chain were also stolen from the cupboard.

The next day at 10:30 am, her cousin called her and threatened to circulate her private video on online media, and asked her not to take the one lakh rupees given to him and give him another one lakh rupees . The consequences will be dire. ACP Kavinagar Abhishek Srivastava said that based on the complaint a report has been registered and further action will be taken after investigating the matter.