Patalkot Express going from Mathura to Jhansi reached Agra Cantt Railway Station on Wednesday afternoon. From here she left for Jhansi. As soon as the train passed Bandai Railway Station, eight kilometers away from Canter, a loud bang was heard from the main bogie of the train. Then smoke and flames started coming out. Passengers started suffocating due to smoke and fire inside the bogie. There was panic among them and there was shouting.

Jagran correspondent, Agra. On Wednesday afternoon, heavy smoke and flames started coming out from two coaches of the train going from Cantt Railway Station to Gwalior. The passengers jumped out of the car. When caretaker Yashpal Singh saw the flames and smoke near Bandai Railway Station, his heart shuddered. Start thinking about who knows how many lives death will take. But he summoned Bandai’s Spin Master with lightning speed. The train stopped.

The slow speed of the train prevented fire

When the brakes applied, many passengers jumped to save their lives. Shortly after the train stopped, smoke and flames engulfed both the coaches and turned them into ashes. More than two dozen passengers were burnt or injured in the accident. At the time when the fire broke out, the speed of the train was only 15 kilometers per hour and the fire could not spread quickly.

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gettleman did his job

Be alert. Gateman Yashpal Singh fulfilled this fundamental principle of Railways. His alertness saved the lives of hundreds of passengers. If the watchman had not informed about this on time, the fire would definitely have become worse. According to his information, the train stopped within three and a half minutes. This saved the lives of the passengers. There were more than 250 passengers in both the buses.

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Joined Railways ten years ago

Yashpal Singh, resident of Cantt, had joined Railways 10 years ago. Posted three years ago on Gate 487. Yashpal told that on Wednesday night, smoke immediately started coming out from the engine of number 4 general class coach of Patalkot Express. They felt that some major accident had happened inside the car.

Some people may become casualties. He immediately called the station manager. The station manager informed the control room. The control room informed the nose pilot and guard Satyabhan. It took a total of three and a half minutes for the train to stop. During this time the fire spread inside two ordinary vehicles.

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Yashpal said this as soon as the train stopped. He came out of the gate and reached the passengers. Then he realized that the gate should not be left empty. In such a situation he again ran towards the door. Brijesh Kumar of Gwalior told that the passengers of two coaches were also sitting in the toilet. Bindu Baghel of Jhansi told reporters that when the fire in the fourth engine compartment spread to the third compartment, it was filled with thick smoke. He was about to jump from the train due to suffocation. At that very moment she stopped.