The stepmother watches a crime drama on TV in which a young man is murdered, tied to a rock and thrown into a canal. From there he wrote the script with one of his female friends. A plan was made to remove him from the road and escape from the police. The stepmother strangled her 11-year-old son to death with spring mud and hid the body in a water tank.

Jagran correspondent, Modinagar. The stepmother felt that her future was not safe, so she strangled her 11-year-old son to death with a saree. Since then the body has been hidden in a septic tank. To prevent the body from floating in the water, he tied a stone to the leg of the body from the slope of the tank.

Police have arrested two women 

The incident came to light when the police analyzed the CCTV footage. The woman along with her partner committed the crime. Police have arrested two people. The accused woman told the police that her step-son’s behavior was not suitable for her.

He doesn’t even consider his daughter as his sister. If she doesn’t kill him he will kill her later. My daughter’s future will always be in darkness. Mahipal lives in a rented house in San Govindpuri Double Story Colony. They have two sons Rahul and Rohit and a daughter Rachna.

He has a hair salon in Govindpuri. Where Rahul and Mahipal work. Three years ago, son Rahul had divorced Rajkumari Bulandshahr. Later son Shabd alias Saddi (11 years) came to Rahul and Rajkumari took her daughter Tapasya with her. A few months later, Rahul married Rekha from Baghpat.

This is the second marriage of both of them. Rekha has a one and a half year old daughter, Pari, from her first husband. Rahul stayed in Noida for a few days but started living here after marriage. The word disappeared around 3 pm on Sunday afternoon. When he did not reach home till evening, Rahul complained to the police station. The police investigated it.

Police searched the house on suspicion

The CCTV cameras installed around the house were checked but nothing was found. The police also registered the case on Monday afternoon. When the police checked the CCTV footage, Chabad was seen entering the house. He was not seen in any of these. Therefore, when the police became suspicious, they started searching the house.

Saw that the slope of the septic tank was broken. There was a wooden plank placed on top. Acting on suspicion, the police searched the tank with sticks and found a dead body inside. When the police took out the body, it was just a show. There is a stone tied to the soil of the spring on his right foot. There were injury marks on the neck. It is learned that SHO Modinagar Pushpraj Singh arrived with the team and conducted the investigation.

When Rekha was interrogated, she started changing her confession again and again. When the police caught him and interrogated him, he confessed to his crime. According to the police, Rekha was worried about her future. The behavior of the words made him feel that he would never keep them with him again. Even his daughter does not get love like a brother. In such a situation, if this word is not removed now then the future will not be good.

After watching the TV series I made a plan with Poonam

Rekha did not socialize with many women of the colony. He is friends with his neighbor Poonam. Both of them had to visit each other’s houses. Rekha had told him about Shabda’s behavior a few days ago. Meanwhile, a crime drama series is airing on television. After killing the young man, he was tied to a stone and thrown into the canal. Both of them had written the script of murder of words. A plan was made to remove him from the road and escape from the police.

Called into the room on the pretext of giving toffee

There was a lot of crowd in the salon on Sunday. In such a situation, husband and father-in-law will stay in the store. Therefore Sunday was chosen as the day of murder. Poonam reached Rekha’s house early in the morning. Poonam called Shabud into the room and held his hand on the pretext of giving him toffee. Rekha strangulated him from behind with a chunni. After the death, Poonam and Rekha broke the strap of the safety can and threw a stone on it.

Rekha and Poonam have been arrested. During interrogation, Rekha said that her future was in danger because of this word. That’s why he kills people. On his request, Chunni’s body was found. At present Shabunda’s autopsy report is awaited. The aphasia case will turn into a murder case. – Gyan Prakash Rai, ACP Modinagar.